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AdoptASchool actively promotes partnerships between sister schools and their communites in Bali and Western Australia, to enrich and support the educational environment for students and educators.

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Bali visit 2019

Sherryn and Vic have just got back from their Bali visit. Click on the link to find out what they got up to.

Bali visit 2019

AdoptASchool Sponsorship Statistics 2003 ‐ June 2018



AdoptASchool has been sponsoring children for 15 years. Attached below is a link to a detailed report on some of the history of its inception and sponsorship records.



Sherryn has been busy in New Zealand

Sherryn has been catching up with some of our sponsors. Click on the link below to see exactly what she has been up to.

New Zealand report

Adopt A School turns 15.

Our Annual General Meeting was held this month on 20 October 2018.

Sri, our Bali treasurer also attended and thanked the committee for the association’s continued support.  Thank you to everyone who attended to celebrate our 15th birthday. Adopt A School has continued to thrive, providing sponsorship to Bali children and funding to the many sister schools we have. Over the years the association has provided over $200 000 to Bali, which is an extraordinary effort. It’s been a great 15 years and we look forward to many more years of more sponsorship.


Milner Report 2018

Report from the International College of English

written by

Desak Made Rukmini



A report on Dwi’s visit to Perth 2017

Click on the link below to view Dwi’s report on his visit last year to Dalkeith Primary School in Perth WA.

Report Sept 2017


Sherryn Reid receives a Community Service Award for her continued commitment to the Adopt A School Association.

Sherryn Reid received a Community Service Award at the Curtin Alumni Awards night. She is pictured below with Derek and Wayan Sekarini. Wayan Sekarini was here on  a 5 week scholarship from Milner’s International College of English.

sherryn's award night Nov 2016


Global Village Foundation. Bali. 12th January, 2018

‎Andy Bracey‎ Global Village Foundation to Sherryn Reid, AdoptASchool Association Inc, Perth.

Global Village Foundation. Bali.  12th January, 2018

Putu Suprianto, is a bright but shy, young 13 year old boy from Kekeran Village in North Bali He suffered a seizure as a young child which left him physically disabled. Mentally he is still 100% but as a result of his disabilities he has never been to school, He still suffers occasional epilepsy. His mother died when he was very young, and his Father works full time as a Minibus driver between Denpasar & Singaraja to support the family. Young Putu is cared for by his 16 year old elder sister. Global Village were very pleased to provide a new wheelchair to Putu just three weeks ago on December 23rd. Today we delivered to him a Laptop computer in a project we operate jointly with Adopt-a-school (Perth & Bali) providing refurbished Laptops to disabled & disadvantaged children in North Bali. His sister (Having already taught him to read) will help young Putu develop the computer skills that he is so very keen to learn. We will continue to assist him, upgrading his computer when required, and as his proficiency increases.


Anyone who has a laptop they no longer need and would like to donate it to this wonderful project, please phone Sherryn Reid on 9355.5505 or email: sherrynreid@hotmail.com


SD 1 Sulangi

During the April school holidays, my family and I were lucky enough to visit our sister school, SD1 Sulangai in Bali. It was a picturesque, two hour drive up into the mountains and definitely gave us an insight into how traditional Balinese families live. The green scenery of jungle, mountains, rice fields and people working in them was breathtaking.

When we arrived, we were greeted by all the staff and students and presented with marigold flower necklaces. A few very clever children performed a “welcome dance” to welcome us into their school and all the other children were very excited to say Hello with their beaming, smiling faces. The children of SD1 Sulangai School love their physical education and showed us their daily aerobics routine as well. The school had very beautiful surroundings with statues and a temple.

We went on a tour on the classroom and the library and then we watched the kids playing jumping jacks with stones.

During our visit, we met the principal, Mr Swastawa, and all the teachers and discussed the differences between our school in Australia and SD1 Sulangai. The children and Mr Swastawa then met in the playground for a photo.

Thank you so much to our sister school for welcoming us so warmly. We had an amazing day and look forward to the next time we can visit and say Hi!

Melinda Papadopoff,  Alkimos Primary School