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SD 1 Sulangi

During the April school holidays, my family and I were lucky enough to visit our sister school, SD1 Sulangai in Bali. It was a picturesque, two hour drive up into the mountains and definitely gave us an insight into how traditional Balinese families live. The green scenery of jungle, mountains, rice fields and people working in them was breathtaking.

When we arrived, we were greeted by all the staff and students and presented with marigold flower necklaces. A few very clever children performed a “welcome dance” to welcome us into their school and all the other children were very excited to say Hello with their beaming, smiling faces. The children of SD1 Sulangai School love their physical education and showed us their daily aerobics routine as well. The school had very beautiful surroundings with statues and a temple.

We went on a tour on the classroom and the library and then we watched the kids playing jumping jacks with stones.

During our visit, we met the principal, Mr Swastawa, and all the teachers and discussed the differences between our school in Australia and SD1 Sulangai. The children and Mr Swastawa then met in the playground for a photo.

Thank you so much to our sister school for welcoming us so warmly. We had an amazing day and look forward to the next time we can visit and say Hi!

Melinda Papadopoff,  Alkimos Primary School