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SD 1 Sulangi

During the April school holidays, my family and I were lucky enough to visit our sister school, SD1 Sulangai in Bali. It was a picturesque, two hour drive up into the mountains and definitely gave us an insight into how traditional Balinese families live. The green scenery of jungle, mountains, rice fields and people working in them was breathtaking.

When we arrived, we were greeted by all the staff and students and presented with marigold flower necklaces. A few very clever children performed a “welcome dance” to welcome us into their school and all the other children were very excited to say Hello with their beaming, smiling faces. The children of SD1 Sulangai School love their physical education and showed us their daily aerobics routine as well. The school had very beautiful surroundings with statues and a temple.

We went on a tour on the classroom and the library and then we watched the kids playing jumping jacks with stones.

During our visit, we met the principal, Mr Swastawa, and all the teachers and discussed the differences between our school in Australia and SD1 Sulangai. The children and Mr Swastawa then met in the playground for a photo.

Thank you so much to our sister school for welcoming us so warmly. We had an amazing day and look forward to the next time we can visit and say Hi!

Melinda Papadopoff,  Alkimos Primary School

News from Dalkeith PS partnership

As always the day started with a wonderful welcome at the kindy. The principal, Ibu Sudarmi, and Dwi the English teacher led the students in songs and action games. The enthusiasm and happiness of all was on full display. This was the 5 year old group, there is also one for 4 year olds. They each attend for an hour 6 days a week. The ceilings extensively repaired with Dalkeith and donation funds are in good condition. They are however in current need of their printer being repaired.

My visit to Pegadungan SD2 was more relaxed as I was alone and they were on holidays for the major Hindu ceremonies of Galungan and Kuningan. No VIPs meant the assembly was under a shady tree. Most of the primary students were there and many of the sponsored high school ones, and all in their uniforms! Jati was there with her 2 children to greet me. The staff remains constant, I have met many for 12 years.

aas2aas aas3

Gede Naya, the principal, thanked Dalkeith for their continued support. A welcome and other dances were performed then students spoke and sang in English, a lot of work for Dwi. As for the kindy a meaningful purpose to use English is a good motivator for learning. I am always astonished at how much the older students grow each year. After a shared lunch prepared by the deputy, Ibu Komang, and parents we had a meeting about Dwi’s possible visit to WA next year. This could develop into an Educational and Cultural exchange program.

Walking around the school I was able to reflect on the many improvements facilitated by Dalkeith Primary School. Of the recent ones the sick bay, bitumen playground and toilet upgrade were all in good condition and well used. The government after 3 years has still not replaced the hall ceiling, the area has movable partitions and is used for 3 classrooms. Overall the school looks attractive and is well maintained.

Next I visited Jati’s family in the village. Dony is a confident 8 year old in Class 2 and doing well. Mashya is now 1 with a bubbly and happy nature. Jati’s mum and dad both looked in better health. I was delighted to meet Putu Mega there and Budi, sponsored students who have graduated. Next was an invitation to visit with Dwi’s family. Both her parents are in high schools, it was clear why Dwi is so motivated! They are very supportive of any opportunity for her to come to WA.

It was a successful visit maintaining the sister school and sponsorship connections that are well established.

Thank you for your continued support, Sue Elliott.

Celebrating 14 Years of Adopt a School


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Bali update from Sherryn Reid

Vic and I ventured to Bali for a combination of visits to AAS sister schools, sponsorship and scholarship families, projects and invitations to special events. What a surprise to be greeted by Mustika Oka Putraka the junior pilot on our flight who was a visitor in our house five years ago when he was part of the SMAN1 Kuta (Senior High School) study tour to Perth. Particularly good this year, once on the ground in Ngurah Rai Airport, was the feeling of warm feet after such cold Perth weather prior to leaving.  As usual, Ketut and Yuni the AAS Secretary in Bali met us at the airport and accompanied us to the hotel for a good old natter.

I would like to share some of our experiences. Please follow the link for the full report and pictures.


During part of our trip to Bali we were joined by Nabeel Shaik, who lives in Cloverdale, is 18 years old and is having a gap year prior to going to University in 2017.  Nabeel was one of my kindy and primary students when he was 4 and 5 years old.  He and his family have been AAS supporters in many ways since its inception and he wanted to see first hand some of what AAS accomplishes in Bali.  I believe Nabeel has returned to Perth with a better understanding of why AAS is what it is.  Part of his time in Bali, he lived with Wayan and family and enjoyed activities with Putu and Made Adnyana and they have developed a special friendship.

Welcome to new President Deb McEwan

The AAS AGM was held the 24th October and we would like to extend a big welcome to our new President Deb McEwan.

Deb has been in AAS since 2003 and used to be the Coordinator for Oberthur Primary School. She is a real Baliphile and will bring lots of cultural and location knowledge to AAS. Deb has been helping Sherryn manage the sponsorship administration and her husband Ian, also a supporter, has written a computer program for keeping track of sponsorship details. We look forward to working with Deb to further grow the great work AdoptASchool has achieved over the last few years.

Special thanks go to our outgoing President Kerry Steele for all her hard work in her year as President.

Sherryn Reid Report

Greetings Sponsors,Recently my husband Vic and I ventured to Bali for a bit of R&R and to catch up with the AAS Bali committee and coordinators.   We are always amazed at the commitment of our volunteer crew in Bali and would like to share some of those happenings with you.There was a casual get together at Wayan Tur’s house (AAS Bali Vice President) for his birthday on the 9th August and several coordinators, associated Principals and friends joined the festivities.

AAS2 AAS1                        We visited SD2 Kutuh and met again with the sponsored children. Oka Darmaja is the new coordinator for this school (as well as SD7 Benoa where he teaches) and has replaced Putu Warasini who was promoted and transferred. Many thanks to Lucy Sawkins and family and Levi’s Gift Foundation for the donation of funds to instal a new computer and wifi system at the school. The new Principal Gede Rina is very pleased to continue the association with AAS and proud to announce that SDKutuh was the Bali winner of the Library Competition. The new Homework Club has commenced at SD2 Kutuh to assist the children whose parents are illiterate. We also visited SMPN4 Kuta Selatan and were very surprised at the amount of additions and renovations made to accommodate the huge influx of children to the school. This school, new 6 years ago, has had some wonderful achievements in a short time.

AAS2A AAS1A                             Meeting the sponsored students                  Oka Darmaja and the new Principal Gede Rina

We ventured to Pandek Gede to visit Dharma Ambesa and his family, accompanied by Brian and Sue Appleyard, long time sponsors, where we met with many of the new sponsorship children and their Mothers. We also met the Principal of the school where many of our new sponsored children attend, Mr Gede Sudama.

AAS5A AAS6A Yeriel Ambesa adopted Brian                          Made Rama Ayoda and Roneo with Mum


Therezia, Carla, Andrew and Darma

One evening we had a lovely meal at the house of Ketut Sarmiasih (Yuni, the AAS Secretary) and Ketut Iga where Sue and Brian Appleyard met with Muftahul Jannah, the girl they have sponsored since elementary school and has recently graduated from Senior High School. Miftahul is now studying Business at University. Gayus (Denpasar Coordinator) joined us with his wife and two lovely children. Jati (coordinator) her husband Ketut, son Donny and new baby Mashya also joined us. Congratulations Jati and Ketut on Mashya’s safe arrival. While we were talking, we heard music coming down the gang and it was a man riding a bike, with cars at the front for the children to have a ride. It was Rp1,000 for a ride. (10cents). The kids loved AAS9 AAS8A

Sue and Miftahul                                                 Jati and family


Children’s fun ride Bali style

Gayus is the recipient of the Milner International College of English Scholarship and will arrive in Perth on the 9th October for five weeks at Milner and then one week at Endeavour Primary School, which is the sister school to SD24 Pemecutan where Gayus is the English Teacher. He returns to Bali on 21st November.

AAS11 AAS12Gayus with his children                                                   Gayus and family going home

Sunday saw us off to Negara to deliver a bike to a very excited Iluh Putu Listia Dewi, who lives with an older brother since her parents both passed away. She will need to ride about 7kms each way to Junior High School soon. Iluh kept saying, “But it is new”.   A big thank you to Mrs Rennick for the donation of the bike for Iluh. Thank you to Ketut Iga for sourcing, purchasing and delivering the bike and to coordinator, Gede Sudarmadiasa for the lovely morning tea with his Mum and Dad and Vic’s soccer game with his boys.


Ketut Iga, Ni Luh and Gede Sudarmadiasa                   Trying the bike 


Soccer in progress

Monday 17th August was Independence Day in Indonesia. Red and white flags adorn houses, buildings and streets. There are ‘Flag Ceremonies’ at all the schools, most businesses and Government Departments. School children practise marching and drills for some weeks before the day. Vic and I attended the ceremony at the Risata Hotel. It was presented and attended by many of the staff. Children of staff who had attained a ranking of 1, 2 or 3 at school in the end of year exams were invited to join the ceremony, at which they were presented by the CEO, Antik Mugianto, with a monetary award, books and a new school bag before enjoying a breakfast with their parents.

AAS13 AAS14 

The Flag Ceremony                                         Awards for the children

AAS15               Coordinator Handoko with Gladis

We visited SMP4 Kediri to present the ‘Anne Rennick Scholarship for six years of high school to Ni Komang Tri Citradewi and caught up with Ni Kadek Dian Saraswati, recipient of last years ‘Grattan Scholarship and the other sponsored children. Thanks to Alit Widia for making the arrangements and to the new coordinator at SMPN4 Kediri, Wayan Sekarini for her assistance.

  AAS16 AAS17

Komang receiving her certificate                 Dian, Principal and Komang AAS18

Happy and vocal students

Next it was on to SDN4 Kaba Kaba where we inspected the ‘Aveley English Centre’ and met with the Principal and staff, after which we moved to SDN1 Kaba Kaba. Both these schools provided a digital record of AAS coordinators and parents and children’s visits from their sister schools. Again we met the sponsored children. It is wonderful to see them looking healthy and to hear they are achieving well at school.

aa1 aa2 aa3

SDN4 Kaba Kaba    Children’s welcome at SDN1 Kaba Kaba  Thanks for a delicious lunch

We were able to deliver new school clothes, (hats, shorts, Tshirts, skirts, skorts) donated by Morley Primary School to be distributed to local schools and families. Thank you Alit and Made for facilitating all of this and for the lovely cake and afternoon tea. A big ‘Thank You’ to Morley Primary School. I understand that some of the larger wide brimmed hats have been donated to the Senior Citizens Club for use on their Friday aerobics sessions. Alit Widia is involved in the Senior Citizens Club, which is currently endeavouring to raise funds to take the Senior’s on a bus trip to visit some of their Traditional Temples.

aa4 aa5 aa6 aa7

On the way to Lovina we caught up with Ketut, the Principal of SD3 Rianggede and his wife Tini. They had a most enjoyable visit to their sister school, Riverside Educational Support Centre in Mandurah in June. Thank you to the staff and Principal Jim Douglas, who ensured the visit was informative, relaxed and so enjoyable for the visitors from Bali. It will long be remembered. Again, another delicious lunch.

aa8 aa9                   

 Ketut, Vic, Tini, Sherryn, Della (Bali Hearts) Wayan   Tini, the provider of a delicious lunch

Once we arrived in the North of the island we visited the Singaraja Hospital. Komang Budi’s wife, Komang, who assists him both for his needs and in the business, had a stroke a week before and her right side has been compromised. Signs of partial recovery were evident. She had some movement in her right hand, she could speak a little but her leg was still paralysed.   The next day we visited Budi at home and he was hard at work with members of his family assisting to complete a consignment for delivery the next day. It will be some time before the extent of Komang’s disability is known but Budi’s family said they would all help. Budi, with assistance, was tie dying and painting traditional patterns on sarongs and intended to work through the night to have the consignment ready on time.

1aas 2aas

Family visiting Komang in hospital           Budi handpainting traditional pattern3aas Family assisting

On the way cutting across from Rianggede to Baturiti, we fortunately took a wrong turn and saw this.

4aas 5aas

We met up with Leonie, the daughter of one of our other sponsors and visited the student Hendra and his mother, at Ketut and Yuni’s house once more. Yuni had purchased shoes, socks, bag, telephone, dictionary and thongs with Hendra on behalf of his sponsor. Another delicious meal. It was a very happy occasion.

6aas 7aas 8 aas                        

purchases     Ibu Hendra and Hendra Putra     Soto Ayam dan nasi puti 

We went to Marga and with our coordinator, Ketut Widana visited the home of one of Mrs Beeson’s sponsored children. Nandi is unable to walk and relies on his wheelchair or moves around on his hands and knees. Nandi’s sister, Nadya is also sponsored and the two children are very close siblings. They live with Mum, Granma and an older sister. Nandi was 9 years old before he was able to go to school so is a little behind in his schooling. Hopefully he will commence at an SMP (Special School) in the near future.

9 aas 10aas 11aas Nandi welcomes us                                 Nandi and Nadya       Us with Mum, Nandi, Yuni, Ketut Widana, Nadya

On the way back we stopped to catch up with Sri Agustini, the AAS Treasurer. Sri is expecting her third baby and works full time in the Education Department as well as being a volunteer with AAS. How does she do it all? We saw different things on the way back.

12aas 13aas 14aas     With Budi, Sri and son Dika                   A lovely, tree lined non-busy road                         Grass for the cows

In addition we met with Coordinators Anief Arzuani Adhar (Pecatu), Wayan Suadra (Baturiti), Agung Sumanadi (Pelaga and Petang), Agung Putra (Mas, Ubud). Thank you all for the hard work you contribute to make AAS such a success in Bali.

We ran into Made Wijana at the Bedugal markets. Made visited Perth with one of the Principals study tours some years ago. We visited Stikes Nursing Academy and the Dwi Jendra University in Denpasar. This campus caters for children from Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High, Senior High and University. The five Faculties in University are Education, Law, Agriculture, Business and Religion. Staff at the University has produced a computer programme to add to ‘Fonts’ on the computer. It converts other languages to Balinese (not Indonesian) written language. It looks very much like Sanskrit and is very difficult to learn. We were given a demonstration and a DVD programme to ‘have a go’. This is a non-smoking campus and signs warn of huge fines if anyone is caught smoking – that is all staff and students alike.

aass1 aass2 aass3

Balinese writing demonstration           NO SMOKING fine warning sign                         Participants at the meeting

We were able to catch up with sponsors from Victoria who were in Bali and will visit their sponsored children in the next week or so. Have a good time Lyn, Gary, Eric, Bianca and Helen. Of course we had the odd swim in our pool and the water is much cooller and enjoyable than in February when it is so warm.

aass4 aass5 aass6

Coordinator Suadra by the pool                             The Risata Pool                                 Sponsors having a chat with friends

Thanks to the Risata Resort for the counter collection on behalf of AAS. The donations this year will ensure another elementary child has funding.

August 19th saw us enjoy dinner with Ketut, Yuni,and their children Vicky and Adinda, Wayan Tur and his wife Julie and Gede Sudarmadiasa at the Bale Udang Restaurant. Not only did we enjoy a wonderful meal but had much fun and laughter. Many thanks to my friends and to Gede for the lovely Black Forest cake.

aass7 aass8 aass9

The eating huts around the pond     Julie feeding the fish   A veritabale feast

 One of the last meetings we had was as SMAN1 Kuta where discussions were held about the students study tour for Harmony Week in March 2016. Nyoman Yasa the Principal has confirmed the group will visit and part of their programme will be to attend school for two days at Belmont City College. The students will visit tourist attractions such as Whiteman Park and Fremantle SMAN1 Kuta will host a group of West Australian Scouts in November.

We returned to Perth at the end of August confident about the future of AAS in Bali due to the commitment of the coordinators and committee. Thank you to all the schools and sponsors who make this programme so viable. It is very rewarding to see children graduate from High School and University knowing that without financial support the majority of them would not have completed elementary school.

Kind regards,

Sherryn Reid,

Sponsorship Coordinator, AAS



Mr. Jack visiting at SDN 24 Pemecutan

Mr Jack is an experienced teacher from Australia. He is a good teacher and he has good motivation and high spirit. He visited our school in June 5th, 2015 for the second time. During his first visit the weather was very hot both inside and outside the class. Unfortunately on his visit in June 5th, 2015 the weather was still hot but there was so much  fun in the class it reduced the hot feeling. On his visit for the second time, he came into the class and taught the students. He taught the fifth year class, he used the tape recorder to teach in the class. The students were very happy and enjoyed his teaching. He was teaching vocabulary using gesture, and many others way of his teaching. The students understood what was he teaching.

It was a pity, Mr. Jack met the principal just briefly, because the Principal was very busy and was in a hurry to attend the meeting outside of the school, a meeting about the register of the new elementary students to our school. The principal just left the message to me ( Gayus ) to say sorry to Mr Jack, it is because on Mr Jack visiting at first time at our school, Both Mr Jack and the principal talked to one and others for a long time, even Mr, Jack can speak Balinese for a little, That’s make the principal and others staff very happy and familiar to speak to him.

The following are the photos of Mr. Jack and the students during teaching learning process took place.

A message of support

Lionel Cranenburgh, a member of Rolleystone Community Board and former head of English at Lesmurdie College has been a long time supporter and member of Adopt A School. He has just won an award for Positive Teacher of the Year 2015 from the Positive Schools organisation. Lionel says “I owe a lot to Adopt A School who has always been helpful and enabled me to work for schools overseas, I strongly recommend schools and teachers joining AAS and supporting their good work in their schools.”

To read more about the Positive teacher of the Year click here

The SMAN1 Kuta study tour to Perth 17-22nd March, 2015

Due to many changes with the airlines, unfortunately the group did not arrive until late in the evening of the 17th and were not able to commence any activities until Wednesday morning, when after a bit of a sleep in and breakfast, Derek Cromb accompanied them to Sculptures by the Sea. It was a bit of an experience, not only seeing the art but coping with the high winds and rain on Cottesloe Beach. We met the group back in Kings Park by the Bali Bombing Memorial and enjoyed lunch together, after which Wayan guided the group on a tour through Kings Park and back to the hotel. We met again for dinner at the Viet Royal which everyone enjoyed, especially Deidre Powell.

Thursday was a day at Belmont City College where the Bali students, in teams of two, joined regular classes of history, English, maths and geography, accompanied by a student guide from BCC. Later in the morning the SMAN1 Kuta girls presented a ‘Welcome Dance’ as part of the Harmony Day cultural exchange. All enjoyed lunch from the BCC Canteen, watched the Police Pipe Band presentation and joined some Aboriginal culture and art classes in the afternoon.

After school it was back to the hotel for a rest, swim and get ready for dinner at The Han Palace in Bennett Street, East Perth. After which most walked to Victoria Gardens and enjoyed a very pleasant site seeing opportunity. The group were very taken with the clean water, streets and parks.

 On the Victoria Gardens bridge


Friday was an early start to be at Caversham Wildlife Park to feed the kanagaroos at opening time when they are really hungry. I think this was one of the highlights for the students. They also were able to touch the koalas, enjoy the Farm Show, meet the wombats and see lots of Australian animals and birds.

You can see by the pictures that they had the most amazing time at Caversham Wildlife Park

By the time they were all hungry, lunch was ready at the BBQ’s in Whiteman Park.

After lunch the group went for a visit to the Chocolate Factory where they not only sampled the chocolate and were able to view some of the process for making the products, but were able to try the icecream. There was a bit of skylarking with the girl’s hats and the students generally were a very happy group who seemed to enjoy everything they experienced.

Once back at the hotel it was time for a short rest and head for the City for shopping and dinner at the Corner Café in Hay Street. On the appraisal sheets, the students voted this the best meal of their visit and I can say from experience that the manager and owner Sina Chon provides some exceptional fresh and tasty Cambodian food. It was a tired group that eventually returned to the hotel after yet, more shopping.

Saturday was another early start when we met at Perth City Station for a train trip to Fremantle. Many of the students had not been on a train before this day and were very excited. Once in Fremantle there was time for a visit to the Council Recreational area, to have fun with an enormous lotto ball, visit Fremantle Football Club and watch part of the South Fremantle vs West Perth Colts match, shop in the markets and watch the busker juggling.

 By now everyone was feeling hungry so we headed for Cicerello’s at Fishing Boat Harbour. Everyone chose fish and chips in paper and a lot of hot spicy sambal was used during this lunch time.

After lunch there was time to learn about the immigrants who were responsible for starting the fishing industry in Fremantle. The group once again was very taken with the clean water in the Fishing Boat Harbour, in which there was no visible rubbish floating.

We then ventured to the new art exhibition on Bathers Beach before walking through the tunnel and visiting The Roundhouse.   There was much frivolity as some of the students were locked in the stocks.

After the Roundhouse it was off to the E Shed Markets for much souvenir buying. The markets were a big hit with the students.

Later in the afternoon the group returned to Perth on the ferry up the beautiful Swan River. Once in Perth there was time to visit the Bell Tower and walk through Supreme Court Gardens.

The ‘Farewell Dinner’ was held at The Royal Cambodian Restaurant and certificates were presented to all the participants. Enjoying dinner with the group were Susan and Derek Cromb, Sheila and Ted Hay, Deidre and Fred Powell, myself and husband Vic. After another walk along the river it was back to the hotel to pack for the 5am pick up to transfer to the airport for an early departure to Bali.

SMAN1 Kuta have now become a sister school to the Senior School at Belmont City College and a two day visit is envisaged for Harmony Week in 2016. The BCC Junior High is sister schooled with SMP Kertha Budaya in Mas, Ubud and that will continue.

It has been a very successful study tour in terms of new friendships and new experiences and the students returned to Bali happy, satisfied and very tired.

Sherryn Reid,

Study Tour Coordinator.

Sherryn’s activities

( by Alit , Kaba-Kaba Co-ordinator )

When in Bali Sherryn and her friends from Canada, Terry and Gail had an opportunity to visit some Sister School Projects in some different villages: Kaba-Kaba, Nyambu, Cepaka and Munggu. Her visit could be a special one.That time she didn’t visit sponsored students,but some projects that funded by Sister Schools.

She began her visit on Friday, 20 February 2015. In SD2 Munggu she officially began communicating with LeeAnn Hanson at Nowra Public School in Sydney, NSW by using a skype. The cost of internet and set up a skype was funded by the two schools.Now the communication between the two schools become easier as if Munggu – Sydney were near. They plan to communicate regularly every Friday.

The Landsdale Primary school sent some money for SD2 Kaba-Kaba. The fund was spent for furnishing the school library needs i.e. TV-DVD, CURTAINS AND GRIFTING IRON for windows. Sherryn was honoured to switch on the TV to watch visitors that had a visit to this school before.

In SD4 Kaba-Kaba Sherryn and groups were shown the CLEAN WATER project. The project was wholely funded by the Aveley Primary School. Now the students need not to take water from the old school well anymore. They can keep the toilet clean and the garden beautifully green.

The last visit on that day was at SD1 Kaba-Kaba. Sherryn had opportunity to strike the RINDIK, a bamboo music instrument. Lyn and Gary Yeomans from Victoria donated some money for it.

The next visit was on Friday, 27 February.Sherryn and groups continueing their visit to some other schools in Nyambu and Cepaka. SD1 Nyambu rebuilt the School Sign Board. The South Bunbury Primary School shared the cost of this project. Sherryn was asked to cut a ribbon and then open the cover of the board. It means that the new school sign board is officially used.

Then we visited SD2 Nyambu. It is a Sister School of Morley Primary School. Again Sherryn was asked to unlock the School Iron Gate before entering in. We also saw the school guard demonstrate cutting grass in the school yard. Boy-students need not to bring sickles when they do the cleaning at school.

We ended our visit at SD Cepaka. The School Committee renovated the school toilets. There are 3 toilets. A Western Style toilet is specially for guests and teachers and the other two are for girl-students and boy-students. The project was funded by the Bletchley Park Primary School.

Sherryn has seen to the spots projects in every schools. I think she will send a report to every Sister schools in detail. The school principles always involving the school committees in every school activities.Your donations are really very useful. And the only words I can say is: THANK YOU VERY MUCH and KEEP IN TOUCH!