Mr. Jack visiting at SDN 24 Pemecutan

Mr Jack is an experienced teacher from Australia. He is a good teacher and he has good motivation and high spirit. He visited our school in June 5th, 2015 for the second time. During his first visit the weather was very hot both inside and outside the class. Unfortunately on his visit in June 5th, 2015 the weather was still hot but there was so much  fun in the class it reduced the hot feeling. On his visit for the second time, he came into the class and taught the students. He taught the fifth year class, he used the tape recorder to teach in the class. The students were very happy and enjoyed his teaching. He was teaching vocabulary using gesture, and many others way of his teaching. The students understood what was he teaching.

It was a pity, Mr. Jack met the principal just briefly, because the Principal was very busy and was in a hurry to attend the meeting outside of the school, a meeting about the register of the new elementary students to our school. The principal just left the message to me ( Gayus ) to say sorry to Mr Jack, it is because on Mr Jack visiting at first time at our school, Both Mr Jack and the principal talked to one and others for a long time, even Mr, Jack can speak Balinese for a little, That’s make the principal and others staff very happy and familiar to speak to him.

The following are the photos of Mr. Jack and the students during teaching learning process took place.