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AdoptASchool actively promotes partnerships between sister schools and their communites in Bali and Western Australia, to enrich and support the educational environment for students and educators.


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Visit to SD Pemecutan and my sponsor child’s family

I was very fortunate to be selected as one of the 16 Indonesian teachers to participate in the Endeavour language Teachers Fellowship Awards (ELTF 2015) and spend 3 weeks in January, in Bali in homestays, participating in language courses and various cultural activities.

While there I took the opportunity in my few free days to meet up with one of the Denpasar Co-ordinators, Pak Gayus who was willing to take me, via his primary school, SD 24 PEMECUTAN on a Sunday (there were some staff at school on a Sunday!) and then on to meet my sponsor child, Muhammad Yasin and his family for the first time. As it happens my sponsor child attends Pak Gayus’ school. I was able to interview Muhammad and I hope to develop the interview into a teaching resource for other Indonesian teachers as part of my ATEC project. (Awardees Transfer of Experience to Classroom)

I was impressed by the neat and tidy school and the pride that all the staff and students have in their school. This school I believe has a sister school relationship with Port Kennedy Primary School. I am hoping this year to re-introduce the Adopt-A-School Program into my school, Yokine Independent Primary School.

On my last day in Denpasar, I made a second visit to see the family and once again Pak Gayus stopped by the school where I was able to meet the Principal as well as see my sponsor child and the other students, all of whom were very polite, delightful and welcoming. In all it my visits were a humbling and joyful experience. Not the least of it as I enjoyed travelling around on the back of ‘Pak Gayus’ “sepeda mobil”! (motor-scooter).

Guitar players from SD 4 Banyuasri


Bali workshop

In January 2015, Susan Cromb (Membership Officer) conducted a workshop at Keraton Beach Hotel, Jimbaran, for new coordinators in the Kuta Selatan area. Jati and Gayus, both long-term coordinators for AAS, shared their experiences with the newcomers. Workshop for coordinators, Keraton Beach Hotel, Jimbaran. Jan 2015

Bali Committee meeting

Bali Committee members attended a meeting at The Cuisine Cafe, Kedonganan Beach with Derek and Susan Cromb in January 2015. Bali committee meeting, Kedonganan Beach, Jan 2015

SD4 Pelaga

Excerpts of a letter from Agung Sumanadi to Mrs Sherryn Reid

Thank you very much for your visit to our school. Through this email, on behalf of the school, I will never forget what Adopt A School has done for our school. Especially to you Mrs Sherryn Reid, Ms Lis Turner, Ms Diane and Mr Thomas Nador and others. They have bought about significant changes to our school, before our school was ugly and dirty this is now replaced with a school that looks good and is supported with improved performances by students in recent years. I myself and very proud of that. Even though we are a rural school this does not mean we can’t do better than urban schools. We wish for our school to be better and acknowledge adopt a school for their concern for the education of our children in Bali. I also want to thank very much Ms Diane and Mr Thomas Nador for donations of the basketball courts, sports equipment, water tanks, sarawasti statue, basketball clothing and much more. They have shown much concern for our children at SD4 Pelaga. I hope Adopt  A School continues to promote our school and thanks to the laptop to help our operations.

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Mt Hawthorn-SD1 Abiantuwung

We had a magical experience at the school!! Something our kids will have treasured memories of for life now I hope. Our arrival at the Sister school was out of this world, we were greeted with big smiles and applauses by all the beautiful children and teachers. The smiles and shine in their eyes said it all – we were treated like Royalty with offerings and drinks ready at a table just for us.
The children put on a musical display – talent from children with just the basics was a touching experience. We also had guided tours through the classrooms – where a white board was a luxury item. There were some beautiful creations made by several classes – our two children were very fortunate enough to be given a created gift to take home. The library of the school has 99% donated books from Mount Hawthorn Primary which they are very proud and appreciative of. We would highly recommend any future families travelling to Bali to take their children out for a visit – it will touch every little heart and soul.
Thank you very much Mrs Cromb for making the arrangements for us to do this visit.
Eleanor Calafiore

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