SD1 Baturiti-Alinjarra PS


Fundraising event at Alinjarra PS 2018

Alinjarra PS held a lap-a-thon in September to raise money fpr Baturiti SD1. Traditionally this has been a very successful event and this year was no exception. The whole school, from kindy to year 6, got involved. It was great to see parents and grandparents get onto the oval as well.

Money raised will go towards cupboards for the classrooms. Thanks to Suadra for hi continued hard work at Baturiti SD1.



Well done Suadra, for managing the order and delivery of chairs and tables at SD1 Baturiti. This completes the first stage of the project from the 2017 fundraising at Alinjarra PS. Chairs and tables look great.


Andrew and Carmel Rowe visited Baturiti SD1 in August 2017. The entertainment and hospitality was outstanding. Alinjarra PS have raised money over the years to help students at Baturiti have greater educational opportunities. This year, money raised has been used to buy new tables and chairs. 


In 2012, teachers from Alinjarra PS, Donna Ivicevich and Andrew Rowe, together with their families, visited Baturiti SD1 to teach Science and English to the students. The experience was fantastic and the students were great. Below is a short film that captures some of the great moments had over the 2 days.