Sherryn’s activities

( by Alit , Kaba-Kaba Co-ordinator )

When in Bali Sherryn and her friends from Canada, Terry and Gail had an opportunity to visit some Sister School Projects in some different villages: Kaba-Kaba, Nyambu, Cepaka and Munggu. Her visit could be a special one.That time she didn’t visit sponsored students,but some projects that funded by Sister Schools.

She began her visit on Friday, 20 February 2015. In SD2 Munggu she officially began communicating with LeeAnn Hanson at Nowra Public School in Sydney, NSW by using a skype. The cost of internet and set up a skype was funded by the two schools.Now the communication between the two schools become easier as if Munggu – Sydney were near. They plan to communicate regularly every Friday.

The Landsdale Primary school sent some money for SD2 Kaba-Kaba. The fund was spent for furnishing the school library needs i.e. TV-DVD, CURTAINS AND GRIFTING IRON for windows. Sherryn was honoured to switch on the TV to watch visitors that had a visit to this school before.

In SD4 Kaba-Kaba Sherryn and groups were shown the CLEAN WATER project. The project was wholely funded by the Aveley Primary School. Now the students need not to take water from the old school well anymore. They can keep the toilet clean and the garden beautifully green.

The last visit on that day was at SD1 Kaba-Kaba. Sherryn had opportunity to strike the RINDIK, a bamboo music instrument. Lyn and Gary Yeomans from Victoria donated some money for it.

The next visit was on Friday, 27 February.Sherryn and groups continueing their visit to some other schools in Nyambu and Cepaka. SD1 Nyambu rebuilt the School Sign Board. The South Bunbury Primary School shared the cost of this project. Sherryn was asked to cut a ribbon and then open the cover of the board. It means that the new school sign board is officially used.

Then we visited SD2 Nyambu. It is a Sister School of Morley Primary School. Again Sherryn was asked to unlock the School Iron Gate before entering in. We also saw the school guard demonstrate cutting grass in the school yard. Boy-students need not to bring sickles when they do the cleaning at school.

We ended our visit at SD Cepaka. The School Committee renovated the school toilets. There are 3 toilets. A Western Style toilet is specially for guests and teachers and the other two are for girl-students and boy-students. The project was funded by the Bletchley Park Primary School.

Sherryn has seen to the spots projects in every schools. I think she will send a report to every Sister schools in detail. The school principles always involving the school committees in every school activities.Your donations are really very useful. And the only words I can say is: THANK YOU VERY MUCH and KEEP IN TOUCH!