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Celebrating 14 Years of Adopt a School


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SD4 Pelaga

Excerpts of a letter from Agung Sumanadi to Mrs Sherryn Reid

Thank you very much for your visit to our school. Through this email, on behalf of the school, I will never forget what Adopt A School has done for our school. Especially to you Mrs Sherryn Reid, Ms Lis Turner, Ms Diane and Mr Thomas Nador and others. They have bought about significant changes to our school, before our school was ugly and dirty this is now replaced with a school that looks good and is supported with improved performances by students in recent years. I myself and very proud of that. Even though we are a rural school this does not mean we can’t do better than urban schools. We wish for our school to be better and acknowledge adopt a school for their concern for the education of our children in Bali. I also want to thank very much Ms Diane and Mr Thomas Nador for donations of the basketball courts, sports equipment, water tanks, sarawasti statue, basketball clothing and much more. They have shown much concern for our children at SD4 Pelaga. I hope Adopt  A School continues to promote our school and thanks to the laptop to help our operations.

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