SD1 Abiantuwung – Mt Hawthorn PS


Hi Susan

I would like to thank you for facilitating the wonderful opportunity to visit our sister school in Tabanan, Bali. The experience was truly humbling for both our children and ourselves.  It was an eye opener to see what a difference Mount Hawthorn has made to the school and the welcome we received from both staff and students was very special. Their enthusiasm and care for their school was very evident. The older children Jasmine, Rafe, Abbey and Kade partook in a question answer session with the students to assist with English practice. They all found this to be a rewarding experience and were glad to assist in the English lesson. Our youngest Max, who is now 18 months old, was adored by all and was on the receiving end of lots of soft pinching and pats.  He is a very social boy and coped well with all the extra attention that came his way!

Please pass on our sincere thanks to the school for allowing us to visit and giving us such a warm welcome.  It was very much appreciated and will be remembered for a long time to come.We look forward to the next opportunity to partake in fundraising at Mt Hawthorn, we know what a difference a small amount makes to lives in Bali.

Kind regards

Julia Young

June 2012

Young and Munns families and staff

Young and Munns families and staff

Abby Munns and Jasmine Young

Abby Munns and Jasmine YoungCarl Young and son Max

Carl Young and son Max

Carl Young and son Max


We had a magical experience at the school!! Something our kids will have treasured memories of for life now I hope. Our arrival at the Sister school was out of this world, we were greeted with big smiles and applauses by all the beautiful children and teachers. The smiles and shine in their eyes said it all – we were treated like Royalty with offerings and drinks ready at a table just for us.
The children put on a musical display – talent from children with just the basics was a touching experience. We also had guided tours through the classrooms – where a white board was a luxury item. There were some beautiful creations made by several classes – our two children were very fortunate enough to be given a created gift to take home. The library of the school has 99% donated books from Mount Hawthorn Primary which they are very proud and appreciative of. We would highly recommend any future families travelling to Bali to take their children out for a visit – it will touch every little heart and soul.
Thank you very much Mrs Cromb for making the arrangements for us to do this visit.
Eleanor Calafiore


Below are some photos of students from SD1 Abiantuwung. In February, Mt Hawthorn Primary School raised money for SD1 Abiantuwung to buy tables and chairs for their year 3 classes.

IMG_20180207_114216 IMG_20180207_114347 IMG_20180207_114647