English Clubs

AAS has sponsored the implementation of after-school English Clubs at 5 Primary Schools in Bali. The Clubs are located at SD1 Kaba Kaba, SD3 Abianbase, SD1 Abiantuwung, SD2 Pegadungan and SD24 Pemecutan. The teachers get together once a month and plan the programme and share resources. There is a maximum of 20 students per Club. The sessions are interactive and focus on developing oral language. It is seen as a great reward if the studnets are chosen to be in the Club.

English Club teachers' meeting August 8th 2010

English Club teachers’ meeting August 8th 2010



Unfortunately, the Clubs have had to be suspended for the forthcoming year, as funding is unavailable. AAS hopes we can recommence shortly.




The need is great as outlined in this plea from one of the teachers:

Selamat pagi Ibu Susan dan Pak Derek,

On Sunday,15th April  2012 we had a monthly English Club teachers’ meeting at SD24 Pemecutan Denpasar. We talked about students’ progress,their problems and how to solve them,etc. We also talked about the  CONTINUITY  of this  very beneficial program. We find that more and more students are interested in learning English. Many students will be very disappointed if this useful  program will be discontinued.

Would you please discuss it in the AAS Committee General meeting on May 19,2012? We hope this  program is still active.

We are waiting for your prudent decision.
Alit – English Club teacher.

English Club SD2 KabaKaba April 2012

English Club SD2 KabaKaba April 2012

english report

In June 2017, 4 Balinese educators visited Perth on STUDY TOUR. They were I Wayan Tur Adnyana, I Nengah Cipta, Ni Wayan Darmiati and Ni Wayan Ari Sukarmini. They showed Balinese cultural by teaching how to make canang (offerings) and Wayan Tur performed Balinese dance at Iona Presentation College, Bullbrook College and Duncraig SHS.