Bali April 2013 report Sherryn

AdoptASchool Association Inc. is committed to assisting children from very poor backgrounds, gain an education.  Our Association has many children in schools all over the island of Bali currently on our programme and many others on the waiting list for educational sponsorship funding to enable them to be financially able to attend school.  All applications, whether by a school or a family, are scrutinised with the assistance of the AAS Bali committee and must meet the required criteria, which is:

  • each child must come from a very poor family with either two or only one parent
  • and very minimal income to support the family. Children must be at risk of not being
  • able to attend school due to financial constraints.
Sponsored child Jan 2012
Sponsored child Jan 2012

A sponsorship of $100 for a year for an elementary school age child covers school fees, books, resources such as pens and pencils, uniforms and sometimes shoes, to enable them to attend school.  $200 a year will give a teenager the opportunity to attend high school. When children in Bali enter Junior High School, there is an initial cost for registration and recording over the future three years in addition to the school fees, books and uniforms.  The Indonesian Government has undertaken to subsidise the school fees of these very needy children.  A sponsorship of $200 per year will cover the costs for Junior High School children.  The costs for Senior High School (SMA or SMK) are approximately $300-$400 per year.  Many of our Senior High School children manage on a part sponsorship.

Children of all religions are eligible for sponsorships as long as they meet the criteria.  Many children are not eligible to attend the local Government school if they or their parents are not born in that area and the local school is full.  To gain an education, the only alternative is for them to attend a private school (of which there are many) where they do not qualify for the Government subsidy.  Those children require $300 per year for Junior High School. Again, many manage with a part sponsorship.

On occasions, a family’s financial situation will improve and a child who is on the programme is no longer eligible for sponsorship.  The child is removed from the programme but the co-ordinator continues to monitor the family for twelve months to ensure the child is financially able to continue to attend school.  All sponsors are given information about the child they sponsor and can have personal contact if visiting Bali.  Sponsors are notified if a family’s financial situation improves and the child is exited from the sponsorship programme.

Teachers and sponsors at SD2 Pelaga
Teachers and sponsors at SD2 Pelaga


Sponsorship funds are not paid directly to the family.  Through our Treasurer in Bali or the local Bali AAS co-ordinator, funds are paid to the school, either in a bank transfer or in cash, as a credit for the child and are used to pay all costs associated with gaining an education.

If you or anyone you know, would like to sponsor a child through AAS, please contact me or complete the attached form and either post or email it to AAS.  I will be only too happy to process your sponsorship.  A receipt will be issued and you will be notified of the name, school and family details of the recipient of your sponsorship. You will need to complete an application form with your details.  Remittance advice is on the application form.

Many thanks for your interest.

Sherryn Reid, Sponsorship Co-Ordinator, AAS.


Educational Sponsorship Application for a child in Bali