AdoptASchool Association Inc. is committed to assisting children from very poor backgrounds, gain an education.  Our Association has many children in schools all over the island of Bali currently on our programme and many others on the waiting list for educational sponsorship funding to enable them to be financially able to attend school.  All applications, whether by a school or a family, are scrutinised with the assistance of the AAS Bali committee and must meet the required criteria, which is:

  • each child must come from a very poor family with either two or only one parent
  • and very minimal income to support the family. Children must be at risk of not being
  • able to attend school due to financial constraints.
Sponsored child Jan 2012
Sponsored child Jan 2012

A sponsorship of $100 for a year for an elementary school age child covers school fees, books, resources such as pens and pencils, uniforms and sometimes shoes, to enable them to attend school.  $200 a year will give a teenager the opportunity to attend high school. When children in Bali enter Junior High School, there is an initial cost for registration and recording over the future three years in addition to the school fees, books and uniforms.  The Indonesian Government has undertaken to subsidise the school fees of these very needy children.  A sponsorship of $200 per year will cover the costs for Junior High School children.  The costs for Senior High School (SMA or SMK) are approximately $300-$400 per year.  Many of our Senior High School children manage on a part sponsorship.

Children of all religions are eligible for sponsorships as long as they meet the criteria.  Many children are not eligible to attend the local Government school if they or their parents are not born in that area and the local school is full.  To gain an education, the only alternative is for them to attend a private school (of which there are many) where they do not qualify for the Government subsidy.  Those children require $300 per year for Junior High School. Again, many manage with a part sponsorship.

On occasions, a family’s financial situation will improve and a child who is on the programme is no longer eligible for sponsorship.  The child is removed from the programme but the co-ordinator continues to monitor the family for twelve months to ensure the child is financially able to continue to attend school.  All sponsors are given information about the child they sponsor and can have personal contact if visiting Bali.  Sponsors are notified if a family’s financial situation improves and the child is exited from the sponsorship programme.

Teachers and sponsors at SD2 Pelaga
Teachers and sponsors at SD2 Pelaga


Sponsorship funds are not paid directly to the family.  Through our Treasurer in Bali or the local Bali AAS co-ordinator, funds are paid to the school, either in a bank transfer or in cash, as a credit for the child and are used to pay all costs associated with gaining an education.

If you or anyone you know, would like to sponsor a child through AAS, please contact me or complete the attached form and either post or email it to AAS.  I will be only too happy to process your sponsorship.  A receipt will be issued and you will be notified of the name, school and family details of the recipient of your sponsorship. You will need to complete an application form with your details.  Remittance advice is on the application form.

Many thanks for your interest.

Sherryn Reid, Sponsorship Co-Ordinator, AAS.


Educational Sponsorship Application for a child in Bali



Volcano Appeal

Since the rumblings of Mt Agung in September 2017, thousands of people have been effected through evacuation and have needed help. Adopt A School has received generous donations to help the situation. Click on the link below to see some reports on what has been done through our sponsorship program.

Volcano Report

Global Village Foundation. Bali.  12th January, 2018

Andy Bracey‎ Global Village Foundation to Sherryn Reid, AdoptASchool Association Inc, Perth.

Putu Suprianto, is a bright but shy, young 13 year old boy from Kekeran Village in North Bali He suffered a seizure as a young child which left him physically disabled. Mentally he is still 100% but as a result of his disabilities he has never been to school, He still suffers occasional epilepsy. His mother died when he was very young, and his Father works full time as a Minibus driver between Denpasar & Singaraja to support the family. Young Putu is cared for by his 16 year old elder sister. Global Village were very pleased to provide a new wheelchair to Putu just three weeks ago on December 23rd. Today we delivered to him a Laptop computer in a project we operate jointly with Adopt-a-school (Perth & Bali) providing refurbished Laptops to disabled & disadvantaged children in North Bali. His sister (Having already taught him to read) will help young Putu develop the computer skills that he is so very keen to learn. We will continue to assist him, upgrading his computer when required, and as his proficiency increases.


Anyone who has a laptop they no longer need and would like to donate it to this wonderful project, please phone Sherryn Reid on 9355.5505 or email: sherrynreid@hotmail.com

Visit to SD Pemecutan and my sponsor child’s family (2015)

I was very fortunate to be selected as one of the 16 Indonesian teachers to participate in the Endeavour language Teachers Fellowship Awards (ELTF 2015) and spend 3 weeks in January, in Bali in homestays, participating in language courses and various cultural activities.

While there I took the opportunity in my few free days to meet up with one of the Denpasar Co-ordinators, Pak Gayus who was willing to take me, via his primary school, SD 24 PEMECUTAN on a Sunday (there were some staff at school on a Sunday!) and then on to meet my sponsor child, Muhammad Yasin and his family for the first time. As it happens my sponsor child attends Pak Gayus’ school. I was able to interview Muhammad and I hope to develop the interview into a teaching resource for other Indonesian teachers as part of my ATEC project. (Awardees Transfer of Experience to Classroom)

I was impressed by the neat and tidy school and the pride that all the staff and students have in their school. This school I believe has a sister school relationship with Port Kennedy Primary School. I am hoping this year to re-introduce the Adopt-A-School Program into my school, Yokine Independent Primary School.

On my last day in Denpasar, I made a second visit to see the family and once again Pak Gayus stopped by the school where I was able to meet the Principal as well as see my sponsor child and the other students, all of whom were very polite, delightful and welcoming. In all it my visits were a humbling and joyful experience. Not the least of it as I enjoyed travelling around on the back of ‘Pak Gayus’ “sepeda mobil”! (motor-scooter).


 Mr. Jack visiting at SDN 24 Pemecutan

Mr Jack is an experienced teacher from Australia. He is a good teacher and he has good motivation and high spirit. He visited our school in June 5th, 2015 for the second time. During his first visit the weather was very hot both inside and outside the class. Unfortunately on his visit in June 5th, 2015 the weather was still hot but there was so much  fun in the class it reduced the hot feeling. On his visit for the second time, he came into the class and taught the students. He taught the fifth year class, he used the tape recorder to teach in the class. The students were very happy and enjoyed his teaching. He was teaching vocabulary using gesture, and many others way of his teaching. The students understood what was he teaching.

It was a pity, Mr. Jack met the principal just briefly, because the Principal was very busy and was in a hurry to attend the meeting outside of the school, a meeting about the register of the new elementary students to our school. The principal just left the message to me ( Gayus ) to say sorry to Mr Jack, it is because on Mr Jack visiting at first time at our school, Both Mr Jack and the principal talked to one and others for a long time, even Mr, Jack can speak Balinese for a little, That’s make the principal and others staff very happy and familiar to speak to him.

The following are the photos of Mr. Jack and the students during teaching learning process took place.