AAS Food Aid during Covid-19 in Bali – update as of 8th May 2020 (phase 3)

Greetings Sponsors, Schools and Supporters,


Over the last couple of weeks our coordinators and teams in Bali have been working extremely hard.  As well as getting on with their lives in the course of local restrictions, they are assessing applicants, accessing, purchasing and packing food, delivering food aid, keeping records of their activities and keeping AAS Perth in touch with what is happening in Bali.


As you know, schools in Bali were shut down some weeks ago due to Covid 19.  There has been some anxiety for the years 12 students who were to graduate from Senior High School in June.  Last week an announcement was made to the effect, that, Graduation Status will be granted to year 12 students who have passed all local exams and submitted all assignments prior to school being shut.  At this stage schools will remain closed until the end of the school year in June and may open in July for the new school year, if conditions improve.


Attached to this email also is a report from the Denpasar Food Aid project, which is assisting people in the local area of Pemogan and further afield. Thank you Yuni and crew for everything you are doing.

Putu Purnawati was a previous sponsorship student, now married with four children and works in a large supermarket.  Both her and husband have been stood down and now have no income.

Bu Narima is supported by her son after the husband passed away, but the son has been stood down with no income now.

Bu Saimah and her husband have two children.  Her husband was an Ojek (similar to Uber) driver but with no tourists in Bali there is no work.  Saimah worked in a garment factory but has been stood down.

Kadek Ola is a previous sponsorship student who worked and supported himself after graduation from School and trained as a teacher.  As a contract teacher, he has been stood down with no wage until school resumes.

Bu Vivi and her husband have three children.  Again an Ojek driver with no work.


The report next week from the village of Kaba Kaba will be quite different.  But, every one of the recipients of Food Aid has been deemed very needy.  Thank you all for your support.